Briquettes / White Coal

Biomass briquettes are boiler fuels and source of energy, which is a cheap and better substitute for fossil fuels such as oil, coal or wood. It is made from agricultural waste and other organic materials, making this fuel clean, economic and efficient, giving an option for conventional sources of energy.

It uses advanced technology and machinery, not only saving 30 to 40 percent of boiler fuel cost, but also increasing and improving the volumetric calorific value.

Advantages of biomass briquette

  • Biomass briquette is a promising substitute for conventional fuel because it is produced from briquetting of biomass.
  • They are cheaper and more efficient than other fuel.
  • It is pollution free as it has no sulphur content.
  • In burning of briquettes ash settles down instead of spreading around like other fuel.
  • High burning efficiency and consistent quality.

Biomass Briquette Detail (Click to view)